Murphy and Read launch world’s first 3D spring configurator with engineering calculations built by CADENAS

Online spring configurator enables industrial manufacturer to provide 3D models of stock and customer-designed springs

Murphy and Read, a New Jersey based manufacturer of custom and stock springs, recently launched the world’s first 3D spring configurator with engineering calculations. With the help of CADENAS, Murphy and Read now provides 3D models for more than 7,000 standard products, and virtually an infinite number of custom configurable springs. This tool will greatly decrease the time required for engineers to design and perform calculations for custom and standard springs.

Murphy and Read manufactures custom and stock compression springs, extension springs, and torsion springs for use in a wide variety of industries. With over 98 years of experience, they pride themselves in utilizing the latest in engineering and manufacturing technology to manufacture a high quality product at unparalleled lead times.

“We realized there was an opportunity within the marketplace, says Ted Seemuller, Production Manager at Murphy and Read. “Most engineers are not spring experts, and selecting the right spring for a specialized application can be a difficult task. Our new spring configurator gives the engineer the power to design their own spring, but it also gives them all of the spring calculations needed to ensure they have the right part the first time.”

The new 3D Spring Configurator with Engineering Calculations allows users to download 3D models of all 7,000 plus stock items and design a custom spring to meet their exact needs, while providing calculations for spring rate, spring force, wire stresses, percent of tensile, and more for ten different spring materials. The configurator will also alert the user if there is a problem with their design or if it may be costly or impossible to manufacture. The configurator allows for three levels of detail in the CAD downloads: low detail for a small file size that is useful for engineers inserting them into their CAD drawings, and higher levels to get a good look at what the finished product will look like.

Prior to the launch of the 3D Spring Configurator, the customer could get access to 2D CAD models, but a 3D CAD model was not available, requiring them to draw the standard or custom part themselves to insert into their solid model. This was often labor-intensive and cost the customer greatly in engineering time.

Murphy and Read Model

Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, sees the new Murphy and Read 3D spring configurator with spring calculations as the future of marketing for industrial manufacturers.

“Digital customer experience is all about making the lives of your customer’s easier. It’s about giving them the information they need to make an educated purchase decision,” says Zesch. “This is exactly what Murphy and Read are doing by sharing their knowledge and expertise with their customers online via the 3D spring configurator. This will make the jobs of their customers much easier and their designs much more accurate.”

As part of their 3D Spring Configurator, Murphy and Read, like all CADENAS clients, will have their products featured within the PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management desktop application, used by large industrial manufacturers to find and source components, as well as within 50 online product communities.

Murphy and Read Model

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