CADENAS photo search takes store systems to the next level

The new service makes finding similar parts and spare parts child's play

With the new CADENAS photo search, they enable interested parties and customers to take photos of components with a subsequent visual similarity search. The results of the search can not only be verified using augmented reality (AR) in terms of size and quality, but can also be ordered directly. This new functionality was presented for the first time at the Vogel Business Media Design Manager Forum and impressed the visitors.

The user starts this intuitive function directly on their smartphone or tablet without having to install an additional app. The smartphone can be used to conveniently take a photo of the part they are looking for using the camera. The user will soon receive a 3D preview of the part and can even load the AR version.

Benefits of the photo search:

  • Time saving: Quickly identify and find relevant products without time-consuming manual searches
  • Accurate orders: Data sheet, 3D preview and AR minimize the risk of incorrect purchases
  • More confidence in the purchasing process: Visual confirmation creates trust, as customers receive exactly what they expected
  • Comparison functionality: parts are verified super easily thanks to AR

You can try out the new function yourself on your smartphone using the test image!

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