How component manufacturers as early adopters can calmly face the current technology revolution

Always ahead of the trends with CADENAS: Mastering Digitization with Digital Twins and an eCATALOG

The current situation acts as an accelerator for the change already underway in terms of information technologies and digitization. It is precisely in times of global emergency that new technologies are being used in society, administration and especially in companies, the introduction of which would have been much slower in normal times.

The earlier companies have already adjusted to this trend, the more they benefit from the changed situation. Early adopters have a significant advantage over other companies that currently have to make a major technological leap within a very short time. However, companies that are now putting their efforts into reducing this gap can learn for the future. At the same time, many companies are currently moving outside their comfort zone, namely their proven and smoothly running business, and can thus tackle future-oriented projects that were previously often postponed for a long time in favor of day-to-day business.

The introduction of new technologies and digitization strategies has top priority, especially in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or architecture. Many component manufacturers are already focusing on marketing their products as digital twins. As a result, the innovators among the manufacturers are less affected by the currently cancelled trade fairs worldwide. By providing engineering data and digital twins, they automatically generate qualified sales leads, even if personal customer contact is not possible. However, it is not too late for manufacturers who have not yet offered their portfolio in a product catalog. After all, a courageous approach to postponed digitization projects will pay off in the short term.

Always on the pulse of time with the "Innovation Company" CADENAS

It is undeniably more important than ever for the success of a company today to keep its finger on the pulse of the times with regard to digitalization. This applies not only to the products themselves, but also to the provision of information. This is exactly where manufacturers profit from a cooperation with the "Innovation Company" CADENAS. The expert for digitalization of product data continuously tracks down future trends for its customers. The latest developments in the various industries are adapted to the software solutions at an early stage. This allows manufacturers to concentrate on their core competencies, namely the development of technologically sophisticated components, and to rely completely on CADENAS when marketing technological innovations. This ensures that the digital components are in no way inferior to the real products.

You want to be always on the pulse of time and generate more sales leads? We would be happy to advise you and calculate your individual ROI!

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