Fait Group is now on the PARTcommunity portal by CADENAS with their new Electronic Product Catalog

Fait Group now offers the possibility to download the complete catalog of its components in 2D drawings and 3D models directly from the CADENAS PARTcommunity portal

Fait Group is an Italian company specialized in production and distribution in internal markets, Europe and worldwide of components and systems for linear and rotary motion as well as power transmission. The company operates in national and international markets thanks to an integrated network of partners for both production and commercial activities.

This network is based on the supply of innovative solutions, on the efficiency of the technical team and on customized products. Fait Group offers the best service and quality to its customers through continuous investment on personnel, structures and production machinery. The distribution network in Italy and abroad grants the required technical and commercial support, thus making Fait Group the ideal partner in both national and international markets.

Fait Group now offers direct access to its product catalog, through eCATALOGsolutions technology from CADENAS. This includes catalogs for product families Tecnoline, Moduline and Texroll.

Fait Group

Tecnoline, is the family of product that comprises a wide range of linear actuators for all kind of application, from micro-motion to big self-supporting actuators. For each family of product it is possible to manufacture actuators with belt drive, screw drive or rack drive system and with sliding systems with roller or ball bearings guides.

Fait Group

Moduline, a wide range of aluminium profiles for the production of machines, protection systems and structures in general. Profiles and accessories are all made of high quality material. In addition to the professional staff, Fait Group has advanced plant and machinery. Thanks to its technical staff it can also offer customized solutions and supply a complete support for the project until the final product.

Fait Group

Texroll, the historical product of Fait Group has been on the market for over 20 years. Based on an alveolar extrusion in anodized aluminium, the family of product Texroll offers 6 different possible configurations and a range from size 60 to size 250. It can therefore satisfy all requirements of those customers who are looking for a reliable, economical and versatile product.

The online catalog of Fait Group is available under: http://fait.partcommunity.com
where it is possible to find all technical information including 2D drawings and 3D models of the components. In the specific area of the products Tecnoline, Moduline and Texroll it also possible to view and export the technical data sheet of the different components in PDF format.

For more information please visit the website: http://www.faitgroup.it

For more information about the Electronic Product Catalog from CADENAS’ eCATALOGsolutions technology, please visit the website: www.cadenas.de/electronic-productcatalog

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