CADENAS shows a green thumb with VégéCAD as the first assistant for landscaping

Der Softwareentwickler kann nicht nur Produktkataloge für technische Komponenten

CADENAS beweißt grünen Daumen: VégéCAD als erster Assistent für die LandschaftsgestaltungWhen you think about CAD models, things like trees, flowers or plants do not necessarily come to mind. But exactly for this vivid and colorful area CADENAS has developed an assistant for landscaping. Due to the growing demand, the French tree nurseries Minier and LEPAGE commissioned an extensive support tool for landscaping.

VégéCAD was especially developed for architects, landscape architects, planning offices and local municipalities, and every day experts can use it in project work. Thus employees have more time for projects and customer service.

Far more than a plant library

Additionally to the 2D CAD models, VégéCAD offers different criteria to select plants. For instance, the user can select:

  • Form of usage
  • Color of leaves and blossoms
  • Exposure and soil type
  • Full size of the plant
  • Resistance
  • etc.

After selecting the plants in VégéCAD, the assistant puts the amount of plants in relation to the surface. It also proposes the respective symbol associated with creating data files about the plants from the exported CAD data.


Export attributes in CAD

To further extend the solution, both tree nurseries were interested in offering flexibility to the highest degree. The user can choose which of the single CAD attributes he would like to export, e.g. exposure, flowering period, size, soil type, foliage etc.

„Developing the VégéCAD library is part of our commitment to expand our business, especially for companies who are involved in landscaping“, says Pascal Bottet, director of the French subsidiary. “We are happy about the partnership between the tree nurseries LEPAGE, Minier and CADENAS, since we are helping a new user group with using CAD models in their daily business."

Video presentation of VégéCAD

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